Comparative Law, Economics and Finance

Master's degree in English offered by the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) together with the International University College of Turin (Italy)
Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) is a Russian – British university. It offers 13 educational programs accredited by the University of Manchester.
Students have an opportunity to spend a term in the International University College of Turin (Italy) whose master's program in law, economics and finance is widely regarded as being one of the most prestigious master's programs of such a kind in the world
The CLEF program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to:
- first, acquire additional knowledge in such areas as law, economics and finance, which will enable them to considerably enhance their career opportunities;
- second, become acquainted with foreign law thanks to those who studied law in the most reputable European and US universities (Yale University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, etc.) and successfully practice law in Russia
Why the CLEF?
  • excellent academic team – lecturers are graduates of leading Russian, European and US universities, candidates and doctors of legal sciences, acknowledged experts in law
  • all courses are developed by our lecturers; they base their lectures on their long-term lecturing and professional experience
  • a wide range of courses to choose from which provides an opportunity to build an individual educational trajectory
  • students have an opportunity to spend a term in the International University College of Turin (Italy) which is one of the leading law and economics centers in the world
  • an opportunity to acquire knowledge not only in the area of law, but also in economics and finance, which will enable to considerably enhance career prospects
  • improve considerably English language skills
  • only written exams, anonymity and objectivity of assessment
  • regular monitoring of teaching quality

Curriculum overview
Mandatory courses (taught in Russian)
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Legal Writing
  • Comparative Law
  • History of Political and Legal Doctrines
  • Transactions and Agency
MSSES's courses (taught in English)
  • Introduction into English Land Law
  • Investment Disputes
  • US Intellectual Property
  • UK Corporate Law
  • US Corporate Law
  • International Competition Law
  • EU and US Derivatives Markets
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Comparative Contract Law
  • Law of Trusts
IUC's Courses (taught in English)
  • Foundations of the Comparative Legal and Economic Approach
  • Economic Theories and Law
  • Theories of Institutions
  • Political Economy and Political Institutions
  • Start-up Law and Financing
  • Financial Stability
  • Sovereign Debt Restructuring
  • International Investment Law and Arbitration
  • Anthropology of Finance
  • International Law and the Impact of the Global Economic Governance Model
  • Incentives and Regulation
  • Markets, Market Failures & Regulatory Options
CLEF in detail
Duration of the course: 2 years

Courses are taught in MSSES and in IUC (in case of spending a term in the International University Center of Turin)
CLEF Director
Dmitry Dozhdev
Dean of MSSES Faculty of Law, Doctor of Legal Sciences, member of the International Academy of Comparative Law, senior researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of State and Law, professor of the Russian School of Private Law, editor-in-chief of the Yearbook of Comparative Law. He acted as an expert in Russian private law in London High Court, BVI High Court, Supreme Arbitrazh Court of the Russian Federation, London Arbitration Court and Stockholm Arbitration Court
Academic Team
  • Bagaev V.A. – MJur (Oxford University), editor-in-chief of
  • Belova M.T. – LL.M. (University of Virginia), managing partner of Belova & Partners Law Firm
  • Budylin S.L. – candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lawyer at Roche & Duffay
  • Vanyukova E.M. – LL.M. (International University Center of Turin)
  • Vinogradov V.V. – venture partner at Rubicon Venture Capital, co-founder of i-Accelerator business accelerator, lecturer at Russian State Humanitarian University School of Business
  • Garslyan L.A. – LL.M. (with distinction) (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Kazaryan A.V. – LL.M. (Yale University)
  • Kopylov D.G. – Master in Corporate Law (University of Cambridge), lecturer at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Slyshchenkov V.A. – candidate of legal sciences, Ph.D. in Law (University of Essex), head of MSSES comparative law department
  • Khokhlov E.S. – partner at Antitrust Advisory Law Firm, acknowledged expert in Russian and international competition law
  • and others
    • Guido Calabresi – the Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law and Professorial Lecturer in Law at the Yale Law School, of which he has previously acted as Dean. He also served as Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit between 1994 and 2009
    • Joseph Halevi – Professor Emeritus in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. In addition, he has previously taught at the New School for Social Research in New York and at Rutgers University in New Jersey
    • Jan Toporowski – Professor of Economics and Finance at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London. He is also a Research Associate in the Centre for the History and Methodology of Economics at the University of Amsterdam, and was an Official Visitor in the Faculty of Economics and Politics at the University of Cambridge, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Bank of Finland
    • Thomas Ferguson – Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute
    • and others
      Upon completion of the CLEF program students are awarded:

      • MSSES master's degree in law
      • MSSES master's degree in law and IUC's master of science degree - in case of spending a term in IUC
      Tuition Fee
      - a two – year program without spending a term in the International University Center of Turin
      RUR 195,000
      per annum
      - a two – year program (including a term in the International University Center of Turin)
      RUR 295,000
      per annum
      Joining the CLEF

      • an LLB or LLM degree in law awarded by a Russian or foreign university
      • IELTS Academic module overall 6.0


      • Passport
      • Diploma of higher education with an addendum or a notarized copy of a diploma with an addendum
      • Graduates of private universities must provide a copy of the university's license and a copy of the university's certificate of accreditation
      • Certificate of acknowledgement and equivalence of education (in relation to diplomas issued not in the Russian Federation)
      • Photo 3x6 (6 photos)
      • Application

      Admission Committee

      Address: 119571, Moscow, Vernadsky prospect, 82, building 2, room 259

      Phone number: 8 (495) 933-80-39
      Working hours: 10 am – 6 pm